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Solutions to suit each company’ printing processes

Cartridge Junction provides customized solutions tailor made for every organization based on their unique requirements and aimed at resolve all their “Pain Points”.

Each solution is created after in-depth analysis of User and Organization Print needs and working in close co-ordination with their IT, Admin and Procure teams.

Our solutions deliver huge cost savings, drastically user internal IT Support and deliver a seamless user experience

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  • De-centralized Ordering from multi locations
  • No track by Admin on procurement
  • Huge Consumable cost
  • Demand-supply mismatch
  • Out-of Toner or Excess Inventory situations
  • eProcurement Solution implemented
  • User-wise & Printer-wise order reports
  • Replace OEM with Reman cartridges
  • Real time order tracking and same day dispatch
  • Order projection based on historic data
  • All User request for material, which needed Admin approval
  • Tight control over orders
  • Reduced consumable cost by 40%
  • Just-in-time supplies
  • Inventory rationalization
  • No out of stock or excess inventory situations
  • Zero rejections till date
  • Delivery Lead time : Same day to 48 hours
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Bank showcases this as a good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative


  • Stores in 40 locations in India
  • 8-10 stores being added each year
  • AMC was outsourced at a huge cost (12% of Printer Cost)
  • De-centralized Buying of OEM cartridges
  • Over 120 printers with different Cartridge Models
  • Different toner prices in different states
  • Print volume : 1.2 to 1.4 million pages a month
  • Huge cost of consumables & AMC
  • Ordering was de-centralized with no effective control over users
  • Admin had no track on the amount of Toners users were ordering
  • There was constant mismatch between order and delivery
  • leading to “Out of Toner” or “Excess Stock” situations
  • Single per page cost for all 120 printers in all 40 locations with AMC cost in-built
  • Print Tracking Solution implemented within 48 hours with Toner alerts
  • eProcurement system was configured to allow online toner ordering.
  • Helpdesk set up at Head Office of Client
  • Within 5 days of “Go live” Toners with capacity of 2.3 million pages (2 months print output) were dispatched to all 40 locations.
  • Printing costs are down by 40% due to Recycled/Remanufactured cartridges
  • AMC costs now covered within consumable costs
  • Total control over orders by users
  • Real time info on deliveries
  • MIS reports available user-wise, printer-wise
  • Production pre-planned based on consumption pattern
  • Zero Capex on new printer requirements for current/new locations


  • Branches in over 1500 locations in India.
  • Plans to add 400-500 branches in next 3 years
  • Branches located in small towns
  • Each Branch requires 2 Printers
  • Monthly Printing 4/5000 pages
  • Current branches dealing with local stationers
  • No AMC on existing printers
  • Multiple Printer models in different branches
  • Recurring issues with Printer repairs and cartridge quality
  • Business requires printing of “Loan contracts”, “Receipts”, etc. daily.
  • Unviable to have an IT manager at branch levels
  • All printers for upcoming branches offered on OPEX Model.
  • Printer model standardized across all branches
  • Single “Per Page” cost given with monthly commitment (2500 pages) per Printer
  • Per page cost covers Cartridges + Service+ Repairs
  • Leveraging Pan-India service and supplies Network to manage the project
  • Two months stock of cartridges mainained at each Branch
  • Printers provided with 3-5 days as new branches start
  • Rationalization of cost and quality across all locations
  • Standardization of Printer Models ensures lower inventory at branches
  • Single Monthly Invoice across all branches
  • Zero downtime of Printers on account of “Out of Toner” situation
  • New Printers on OPEX model removes the requirement for budgets.
  • Centralized “Printer Helpdesk “ to address Printer issues.
  • Printer Engineers “On call” at all branches


  • All Cheque printing outsourced to approved Security Printers
  • No Cheque printing in Branches or Back office
  • Huge costs for Cheque printing by Bank
  • Delay from Security Printers in delivering Cheque Books
  • Quality of Cheque Printing inconsistent
  • Security Printers require “Huge Volume” to undertake Printing at reasonable costs
  • Due to growth of RTGS/NEFT requirement for physical cheques reducing
  • Provide “Printers” with “Security” feature in Back office and Branches of the Bank
  • Provide High Quality “MICR” Toner Cartridges which can print cheques which meet stringent Reserve Bank requirements
  • MICR Cheques can be printed “On Demand” at Branch levels or in “BULK” in Back office
  • No delays in delivering cheques to customers
  • Each Cheque passes the Reserve Bank requirement for MICR
  • Cost for MICR Cheque printing drastically reduced
  • Zero Capex on printers.
  • Huge cost savings (Almost 75%) over the previous model followed by Banks
  • Any Branch can be enabled to print “MICR” cheques within a week


  • Offices in over 400 locations in India
  • Total Printer fleet size : 1250
  • Buying only mix of OEM and Reman cartridges
  • Multiple vendors in multiple states
  • Dealing with too many vendors
  • The client wants Vendors who can provide Pan India Service and Supplies
  • No tracking of printing across printers
  • Quality issues with existing vendors
  • Ordering was de-centralized with no effective control over users
  • Admin had no track on the amount of Toners users were ordering
  • Our Web-based eProcurement System was set up to aggregate orders and put an approval system in place.
  • Print Tracking Software was installed to track printing
  • AMC covered in the cost of the Toner
  • An online Printer Support System implemented
  • SLA signed with Escalation Matrix to resolve printer issues within 72 hours
  • Quick turn around for AMC and cartridge reorders becasue of online application
  • Single Vendor across the country ensured the same quality of product and services
  • Management and billing became easier
  • Downtime of printers reduced considerably


  • Offices in over 2500 locations in India.
  • 500 new locations being added due to acquisition
  • Buying only mix of OEM and Reman cartridges
  • Multiple vendors in multiple states
  • De-centalized ordering
  • Dealing with too many vendors
  • Erratic quality and delivery schedules
  • IT handling calls for Prininer downtime due to late deliveries
  • Admin had no track on the amount of Toners users were ordering
  • Rate differential in different states/cities
  • Unchecked ordering of cartridges
  • Single rate given for all Printer models and printer brands Pan-india including Class C Towns
  • Process set up to generate PO from the system by user and orders shipped only against PO
  • Single Invoice raised at end of month across locations and PO
  • Dedicated Account Manager to handle all user inquiries, orders, & issues
  • Monthly MIS with Location-wise, Printer-wise cartridge deliveries sent
  • MPS Contract to replace all Printers over 3 years with new Printers on OPEX model
  • Rationalization of cost and quality across all locations
  • Tight control over consumable ordering
  • Single vendor for Multiple Brands, Multiple Printers, Multiple Location
  • Deliveries on schedule with dispatch alerts
  • Courier tracking by users in real time
  • Zero downtime of Printers on account of “Out of Toner” situation
  • Replacement of obsolete printers at Zero Capex.
  • No AMC expenses on new printers on OPEX model


  • Multiple Brands of Printers
  • Airports are high security areas with highly restricted access
  • New airports coming up require huge CAPEX in new Printers
  • Large number of Mobile users (Staff, Pilots, etc.)
  • Huge inventory required to be maintained at each location due to multiple Printer Models
  • Downtime of Printers due to delays in cartridge delivereries
  • Constant mismatch between “Orders” and “Deliveries”
  • Huge downtime of Printers due to restricted and delayed access to Engineers
  • Huge CAPEX required for new Airports
  • User frustration as Mobile users cant access printers
  • No control over “Print Costs”
  • Replace multiple Brands/Models of Printers with a single High Volume Model with high end features (Wi Fi, Scan to mail/Folder, Secure Print)
  • Very high yield Jumbo cartridges provided at each location
  • Stock of cartridges for 3 months kept at each location reducing replenishment cycles to 4 a year
  • Printers have Secure Wi Fi and access given to Mobile Employees to print “Wire Free” at any location
  • Engineers in each location Police Verified” and “Gate Pass” given for quick access to resolve Printer issues
  • Remote Page Count tracking solution implemented
  • Standardization of Printer model across all locations reduced the Inventory required
  • Using Jumbo cartridges reduced Inventory requirement drastically
  • Keeping ample stocks at each location reduced “Printer Downtime” to zero
  • Reducing “Cartridge Replenishment” cycles to 4 a year, reduced logistics hassles due to Security
  • Printer Downtime reduced dramatically by on-boarding Engineers with Security clearance
  • Capex reduced to “Zero”
  • Installing “Remote Page Count Tracking Solution” helps monitor printing and managing Inventory.
  • Enhanced user experience
  • New users can easily be given access to all printers due to “Wi Fi”.
  • Deployment at any new location can be done within a week as Model, Features are fixed and no budget required for Printers


  • Old and aging printers
  • College needs to provide Printing ability to over 7500 students
  • Students pay for all print outs
  • One person from IT just managing the Printer issues
  • One resource responsible for collecting Print costs from Students
  • Large number of Inkjet printers which break down frequently
  • Huge Capex required for refreshing the printer fleet
  • Two resources dedicated full time for printing adding to costs
  • Issues in tracking Student printing costs
  • All printers replaced with a standard high volume model
  • Software installed to track all printing including Student Printing
  • Every Student has a login and “Print Account”
  • Student can print only if there is balance in his account
  • Dedicated Resource deployed to manage Printers/Student Account
  • Capex reduced to “Zero”
  • Complete Print Fleet refreshed
  • All old and obsolete Laser printers and Inkjet Printers replaced with High End Multi Function Laser Printers
  • Software gives 100% transparency in Printing
  • Students have an accurate idea of their print spend.
  • University resources completed freed from Managing Printers/Students
  • Cartridge Inventory reduced due to standardization and high yield cartridges
  • University moved to a “Per Page” model from a “Per Cartridge Model”
  • Over 70% cost savings delivered each year