Software Solutions

Is your enterprise “Printelligent”

Cartridge Junction is a subsidiary of a 15 year old Web & Software Solutions company with in-house software development capabilities.

We leverage Technology at every stage of MPS to manage

  • Order fulfillment
  • Printer Issue Resolution
  • Page Count Tracking
  • Managing User Print Behavior

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  • IT/Admin/Procurement can control all orders flowing from multiple users/locations
  • Users can only order for Printer models under their Control
  • Users can be mapped to "Approvers"
  • Each order requires "Approval" of a Senior person before being executed.
  • Upto 2 levels of "Approval" possible
  • MIS Reports are available at all Levels : User, Approver, Admin
  • 360 degree view of all orders (Location. User, Enterprise-wide) available
  • Complete transparency and control over Toner orders.
  • No installation required

Printer Issue Resolution

  • A powerful Support Ticket System available to users across the Enterprise.
  • All Service Calls are logged into the Online System.
  • A Unique Support Ticket is generated for every call.
  • Every call is addressed by Technical Helpdesk.
  • All updates for calls is input in the system and user gets an "Alert" for any Status change.
  • History of all calls across printers is available to Company Admin.
  • Completely Transparent and Efficient system to monitor SLA's and escalations.
  • No installation required.

Page Count Tracking

  • Powerful, remote, web-based Printer "Page Count" tracking solution.
  • Does not require any Server installation – can be installed on any client on Network remotely.
  • Small footprint – can be installed in minutes.
  • Does device "discovery" within hours and starts "Tracking" Printers.
  • Tracks "Page Count", "Page Size", Type (Color/Mono), Fax, Scan, Copy.
  • Tracks "Toner Levels" and can send "Alerts" for "low Toner".
  • Helps "Just-in-time" Toner Management.
  • Optimise Printer fleet based on data analysis.
  • Web-based Dashboard available to "Admin" to monitor Printers across the Enterprise.


  • Track, Manage and Control Users "Print Behaviour" across the organisation silently.
  • Tracks every "Print Job" fired by user in Real-time.
  • Keeps a log of the "Path" of the document printed for security purpose.
  • Tracks the number of pages, page size, printer on which print fired, date/time of print taken.
  • Set policies for Users.
  • Set Budgets for Users and Departments.
  • Send alerts to users exceeding quotas set.
  • Control on which Printer user can send a print job.
  • Reduce wasteful printing by setting Quotas, restricting print timings and print volume per "job", etc.
  • Monitor "excessive" or "Person" printing.
  • Detailed User-wise, Department-wise, Printer-wise MIS Reports.