Your Questions answered

Will my Printer warranty be affected if I use Remanufactured Cartridges?

No your warranty will not be impacted. All OEM’s clearly write in their warranty, that the warranty is not void if you use refilled or remanufactured cartridges. Only if it is proven that the remanufactured cartridge directly caused damage to a Printer part, then they can refuse to repair that part.

Cartridge Junction also warrants repair/replacement of a printer part directly damaged by our cartridges without any cost to you.

Will the Printer life reduce due to using remanufactured/refilled cartridges?

If sub-stand cartridges with sub-standard parts, inks and toners are used, they can damage your printer and reduce its life. For example, if a Drum in a Laser cartridge is not replaced, then it can definitely reduce the life of a printer.

Cartridge Junction uses 100% imported toners and parts. We also use specific Toners for specific parts. Our Cartridges are tested prior to and post remanufacturing for any defects.. The quality is as good as OEM and reduction in Printer life is a non-issue.

We are so convinced about our quality that we provide large volume customers “Free” printers and do the maintenance and repairs free of cost for the duration of the contract.

Will these cartridges spoil my Printer?

It is unlikely that our cartridges will spoil the printer. The only case where a printer can get spoilt by a cartridge is if it uses sub-standard parts, incompatible toners or is not tested and cleaned thoroughly before refilling.

Cartridge Junction uses an automated process for testing, cleaning and refilling. All Parts in a Laser Toner as well as the Toner are imported and specific to that Toner. Each cartridge is put through a stringent Quality Control Process before being delivered to a customer. This ensures that we deliver virtually zero-defect cartridges.

In the unlikely event this does happen we guaranty replacement/repair of any part damaged directly on account of our Cartridges.

Are these cartridges different from those provided by OEM?

The "Core" or "Empty" cartridge is what has been supplied by the OEM. In Laser Toners, all parts used are sourced from USA, Europe, Japan & South East Asia and are 100% patent protected and compatible for each model of Laser Toners to deliver the desired Quality/Yield. The Toners used are specially formulated by leaders in the Industry and ensure that the Cartridge Prints the color or Mono prints s good as OEM.

How is the Quality different from OEM?

Our remanufacturing process, use of 100% imported Toner & Parts and emphasis on strict Quality Control, ensure that our cartridges delivery quality equivalent to OEM. We fill in the exact quantity of Toner as required for each cartridge ensuring hat the yield is not impacted and as good as OEM.

In some cartridges, where it is possible to fill more than the OEM specified quantity, we fill in extra toner (Taking care to prevent overflow during printing) ensuring that you get a higher yield than OEM in similar print conditions.

What about the yield? Will I get the same no of pages that I get from Original?

Read the earlier question for the answer.

I am not convinced. Can I take a test?

Yes, we can do a test run. Ask our representative to organize a Demo and Test.

How are you different from other Refillers?

The traditional Refillers are your friendly neighborhood stationers and unorganized Refillers.

Cartridge Junction quality is not comparable with the quality of the unorganized Refillers for the following reasons:

    Laser Toners :
  • Refillers use one Toner for all Toner Cartridges. Each Toner cartridge technically "demands" a different Toner as Printers and their mechanism varies. CJ uses specific Toners for specific Toner Cartridges
  • Refillers do not test all Toner Cartridges for defective parts. In our process, each Toner Cartridge goes to thorough testing to identify defective parts. If the "Empty" toner cartridge is defective it is immediately discarded.
  • Refillers change just the Drum and that too once in 3 or 4 refills. Every time a Toner Cartridge is refilled, the Drum must be checked and replaced. Not replacing the Drum regularly can reduce Printer life and give poor print quality. The drums used by Refillers are also second-hand or of poor quality causing trouble during print operations. CJ replaces a total of 8 parts including Drum with fresh parts for each and every cartridge. Each cartridge is 100% refurbished.
  • CJ replaces all Toner Cartridge Parts with High Quality imported Parts to ensure OEM like quality. Refillers don’t pay much attention to this aspect and end up causing issues in printing.
  • With our process and attention to quality, as well as regular part replacements, the Toner Cartridge can be used for a very long time. On the other hand, Toner Cartridges used by Refillers require replacement with OEM cartridges after 4/5 cycles.
  • Refillers do no test cartridges as a normal process. CJ runs each cartridge through a stringent quality control process each and every time.
  • Refillers deliver cartridges without any protection. This can cause cartridges to get damaged. CJ packages the cartridges well in UV protected plastic bags, additional Airbag and packed in a Corrugated Box to prevent damage in transit or to the "core".

Do you do both Ink and Toner Cartridges?

No, we do not do Inkjet cartridges as the success in Inkjet refilling is not 100%.

However, we remanufacture virtually all Models of all OEM Brands as we can guaranty 100% quality. In the event a particular model/brand cannot be remanufactured due to Technical difficulty or the parts not being available, we inform our customers in advance rather than do experimentation.

In case you have a non-standard and non-popular model of printer or a printer for specific printing needs, our R&D team would be happy to work with you and help deliver the remanufactured cartridge required by your printer. The only condition is that the usage and volume should be high to justify the time/cost of R&D and servicing the printer.

What happens if your cartridges give a problem?

We take great pains to ensure that each cartridge we deliver is high quality and problem-free. However, in the unlikely event a cartridge gives a problem, we can send our technician to check if it is a printer related issue or a cartridge related issue.

If it is a cartridge related issue, we immediately replace the cartridge at no cost or refund the full amount based on your preference.

If any printer part is found to be damaged directly due to use of our cartridge, which is highly unlikely, we will get the part repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

Is it illegal to use refilled/remanufactured cartridges?

No it s not illegal to refill or remanufacture or use refilled/remanufactured cartridges. The OEM Printer guarantee is clear on allowing usage of such cartridges.

Additionally, all CJ Toners & Parts are sourced from International Manufacturers who have got their own patents from this.

CJ is very clear in its policy of not violating any laws or patents of any OEM.

We do not compete with the OEM’s. We co-exist with the OEM’s. We even promote their printers with our clients.

CJ services that part of the market, which is price-conscious and wants to use high quality OEM printers but cannot afford the recurring consumable costs.

CJ never claims its cartridges are Original – we always specify that they are remanufactured.

We also package all cartridges in our boxes.


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