“Cartridge Junction (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a Provider of a High end Managed Print Solution (MPS) since 2008 Pan India. Our solution is currently being offered across 4,000 locations in all 29 states and 7 Union Territories.
We effectively reduce print costs by up to 70% for Corporates by customizing solutions that are the best fit for each customer based on their existing Printer Fleet, their user requirements and the best in Print Solutions available in the market.
Our Brand independent MPS model, with a massive footprint across India, can take the complete pain out of managing a diverse Printer fleet.

We have been profiled by GARTNER as a “Cool Vendor” globally in 2010 and 2013 in the Imaging Industry.

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  • All Printers, Multi-Function Printers and large Multi Function Devices are offered at “Zero Capex” - On an Opex Model
  • Companies can completely do away with Budgets for acquiring Print Assets by switching to our “Pay per Use” model.
  • The costs saved on Printer Procurement can be diverted to other IT Assets and Solutions


Our MPS model not only helps Companies do away with Budgets for printers, but effectively reduces OPEX drastically as under:
  • We use High Yield and High Quality “Remanufactured” or “Recycled” Cartridges, which are cheaper by 60% or more than OEM Cartridges.
  • We help optimize the Printer Fleet by reducing overall Fleet size without impacting any “User Experience”. This saves on “expensive “Real Estate” also.
  • Being Brand independent, we can help right size printers which are “Energy Savers”, offer the “Lowest Per Page” costs and combine multiple functions like Copy, Scan, Scan to mail/Folder, Wi Fi, etc. thereby increasing productivity.
  • IT Support is drastically reduced as we provide a dedicated Technical Helpdesk and Onsite Service/Repair Support
  • Annual Maintenance Charges and Service/Repair Charges are “Zero” as everything is covered in the Consumable or “Per Page” cost
  • Single Invoice across the organization reduces processing time and cost.


  • Our MPS model covers total Service/Repair of the Printers and MFD’s
  • There is no separate AMC, Engineer visit charge or any Part repair cost during the contract period.
  • If the Printer belongs to the Customer and is “Adopted” by us for “Service & Supplies”, the Service/Repair for same is covered in the “Supply” cost.


We take the “Pain” out of “Inventory Management” for customers.
  • We ensure that every printer has at least 45-60 days of supplies
  • We monitor the Printer volumes and ensure supplies are replenished well in time to avoid “Printer Downtime”.
  • All cartridges are shipped within 24 hours and delivered anywhere in India within 3-5 days
  • In our MPS Model, we provide Printers which can print at least a months volume in maximum 1-2 cartridges, effectively cutting down inventory
  • We standardize Printer models reducing number of SKU’s required and ensuring existing cartridge inventory can be used in multiple printers in any location.


We are one of the only Managed Print Solutions provider to offer a Comprehensive “Printer Issue Resolution” process.
  • We have a dedicated Technical Helpdesk manned by Engineers and Customer Support Agents
  • All calls are attended within minutes of being logged.
  • The 1st level troubleshooting that internal customer IT teams provide, is shifted to our helpdesk, freeing them for other operations.
  • A large percentage of calls get addressed by the Helpdesk itself.
  • If a call requires Onsite support, our Helpdesk does the complete co-ordination between the “User” and “Onsite Engineer” to close a call.

Real Time

A unique facet of our Managed Print Services Solution is “Real Time” reporting.
  • We use cutting-edge software solutions to remotely track “Page Count” with complete access the Customers, who get real time data across the Print Fleet.
  • We provide access to our online “Service Call” system so that IT is fully aware of all calls logged across their organization with Status on each in real time.
  • Daily updates on Supplies, Printers and Printer Part movement also keeps all stakeholder up to date.
  • We prefer to “Push” information rather than wait for information to be “Pulled” by customers.
  • There is complete transparency in every process: Service & Supplies


  • Our MPS Model collapses everything into a single Holistic Print Solution
  • Do away with Multiple Vendors, Multiple Invoices, and Multiple Costs.
  • Switch to a Single Vendor – Single Invoice - Single Responsibility.


  • Our MPS model brings a high degree of predictability into the Print costs of an organization.
  • By cutting multiple Vendors, Multiple Cost heads, Multiple Invoices and reducing to a Single Vendor, Single Invoice with a rationalized fleet, costs for 3 years can be predicted.
  • We take away the unpredictability that comes with the costs of acquiring Print Assets as well as cost of maintaining them by completely doing away with both using our OPEX model.
  • With solutions that monitor Printer usage, IT can keep tight control over mis-use and excessive use and keep Print costs within budgets.