MPS Models

MPS models to suit different customer environments

Our team can help your customize your MPS solution quickly and deliver huge savings in terms of Cost, Resources & Time and benefits with increased productivity,improved efficiency, predictable costs and far better user experience.

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The MPS model is decided by our team of experts, depending on the age of the existing printers, condition of printers, Printer Brands, availability of spares, user requirements and the future Print requirements.

Service &

  • In this model, all printers are owned by the Customer.
  • Cartridge Junction will do a “Health Check” of all Printers and “Adopt” them for “Service & Supply”.
  • Once the printers are “Adopted”, the customer needs to pay for only “Supplies”.
  • Service & Repair costs are covered in the “Supply” cost.
  • All costs are bundled into a single “Per Page” or “Per Cartridge” cost as mutually agreed.


  • In this model, Cartridge Junction “Buys Back” all Printers belonging to the customer at a mutually agreed cost
  • Post “Buy Back” all printers are managed in a single “Per Page” or “Per Cartridge” rate
  • There is no Service or Repair cost
  • The Customer benefits by Switching from a CAPEX to OPEX model

Pure MPS

  • All Printers across the Customer location are provided on an OPEX Model
  • Customer does not open or buy any printers
  • Customer does not incur any Asset repair or maintenance cost.
  • Customer only pays for the Consumables.
  • Printers are right-sized based on user/organization requirements.
  • The best-of-breed printers with the latest in technology can be positioned.
  • A Pure MPS model with Cartridge Junction can encompass different brands leveraging the strength of different printer models


  • This model is a mix of Customer owned printers and printers provided by Cartridge Junction.
  • All printers owned by the customer, are adopted for Service & Supply in a single “Per Page” or “Per Cartridge” rate
  • All new printer requirements are provided at Zero Capex on a pure OPEX model
  • Over a period of time, Customer printers are phased out and replaced with all printers on OPEX model.
  • Using this model, all old and obsolete printers can be replaced and refreshed over a period of time.