Managed Print Service or MPS is a revolutionary way to shift Organizations from a Asset heavy CAPEX Model to an Asset-light OPEX model and effectively help them in reducing 60-70% of Print costs.

In the last few years Organizations have stopped investing in Technology Assets and moved to a “Pay per Use” model.

Cartridge Junction has pioneered the concept of “Pay per Print” for Office printing needs, by providing Print Assets at “Zero” Capex, cutting recurring costs by using Remanufactured Cartridges which deliver over 60% cost savings over OEM Cartridges, and bundling Service/Repair within the Consumable cost. In addition to this, Cartridge Junction uses several Software solutions Enterprises to make Enterprises “Printelligent”.

Our MPS model is successfully running across organizations Pan India and delivering huge cost savings without compromising on user experience or print requirements.

To understand each process in our MPS model, please click on links below:

Fleet Audit and
Usage Analysis

We carry on an exhaustive Audit of all your Print Assets and analyse the usage patterns and printing needs of your users.

Printer Recommendation
& Deployment

Based on the Print Audit, we present you with a comprehensive report, which explains how your current Printer Fleet can be better utilized. This would involve :
  • Reallocation of printers between departments to optimize their usage
  • Discarding aging printers which are "White elephants"
  • Introducing faster printers with more features to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce your total cost of ownership.

Monitoring &

Monitor and Manage the Printer Fleet on an ongoing basis with the use of Remote Print Tracking Software Tools and regular visits to your office locations.

Service &

Regular service your Printer Fleet and repair or replace worn out parts to increase the life of the printers.


Recommend low power consuming Printers to save electricity. Supply Remanufactured (Recycled) cartridges to reduce your costs of consumables and also reduce the environment impact on account of indiscriminate dumping of cartridges and toners.

Reduce TCO

Our MPS Model can greatly reduce your Total cost of Ownership(TCO) of print assets in the following ways:
  • We help optimize and rationalize the use of your Printer fleet across the organization.
  • We reduce your Capital Expenditure dramatically by providing Free Printers based on your monthly volume and commitments.
  • We reduce your Operating Costs upto 40% by providing Remanufactured/Recycled Toners and Cartridges.
  • We reduce the downtime on printers by providing timely supplies which is a hidden cost for the organization.
  • We take over the entire Servicing and Repair of the Printers reducing your IT support as well as the Annual Maintenance Costs
  • We provide a significant Cost benefit by bring your entire Printer Fleet under our "Cost-per-Page (CPP)" or "Cost-per-Cartridge (CPC)" plans.
  • We reduce your ongoing costs by providing a single-point contact for all your Printing needs