Recycling cartridges is not just saving your costs, but also helps save the environment

Did you Know?

  • To manufacture one Laser Toner cartridge 4 gallons of fuel is required
  • Every “used” cartridge thrown adds to “Landfill” and takes several decades to Bio-degrade
  • Every Laser Toner Cartridge can be recycled without impacting Quality and Yield
  • A Laser cartridge can be “Recycled” multiple times reducing the impact on the environment significantly.

Join our Recycle4Charity Program

  • As per new CSR rules, Corporates need to compulsorily keep aside a percentage of their profits for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • The Cartridge Junction Recycle4Charity helps companies achieve this by utilizing the savings on Printer Cartridges to help meet Social responsibility.
  • For Every Cartridge recycled with Cartridge Junction, we will donate a Pre-fixed amount to the NGO of your choice.
  • Recycling will help cut your Print costs by 60% to 70%.
  • Our MPS program will deliver over 80% savings in your overall Print budgets.
  • The Recycle4Charity program benefits every stake holder from NGO’s, Society and the Corporate

Go “Green” with our Recycle4Charity Program!

How does the program work?

By recycling the empty cartridges, revenue can be generated. We are creating “Wealth from waste” and also helping protect our environment.

We will pay for every cartridge that is given to us.

Schools & Colleges can raise funds for their activities by encouraging the students and their parents to donate all their empty cartridges to the school.

Cartridge Junction will pick up all these cartridges and pay the school/college for the same. This is a fast, cheap and respectable way of raising funds regularly and at the same time creating an awareness for “Environment protection” amongst the students.

Corporates can also collect all their “spent” cartridges and sell them to us or recycle them by sending in their “empties” and buying our eco-friendly remanufactured cartridges.